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The Best Fortnite Esports Betting Tips

Fortnite Betting Tips

Fortnite Battle Royale has become one of the most popular videogames of this time. The game is challenging, competitive and fun. Furthermore, the game allows for cross-platform gaming. At one moment the game had 8.3 million active players playing at once. That’s the total population of New York City playing Fortnite.

This popularity has not gone unnoticed by esport bookmakers. The best bookmakers such as Pinnacle Sports or Betway Sports instantly jumped to the gun. Starting to provide betting options on Fortnite games. And with success, betting on Fortnite is extremely popular. Moreover, when done right, it can be very lucrative.

For that reason, our team created this article consisting of the best Fortnite esports betting tips. So take them in fast and become a pro in online betting.

Tip 1: Do your own research

The first tip doesn’t have much in common with Fortnite. However, the tip applies to all forms of online gambling. So the golden rule in becoming a successful gambler: Do your own research!

Before you start betting, you must research the match or game. For instance, which players are participating? Or which teams are competing? Then look into statistics of individual players or teams. Look for winning streaks, previous placements and tournament history.

After a while, distinguish the best players and teams from the lesser ones. These players and teams are your favourite picks. Now you start making up your bet slip. Begin with the easy matchups. The odds are probably low. However, the base of your bet slip is important.

To increase your odds, start adding handicaps. But, only apply this option on your absolute favourites. At last, always make up your own strategy. And never follow advice blindly from friends or the internet.

Tip 2: Get familiar with the best players

To get back to the previous paragraph, get familiar with the best players of the tournament. Fortnite matches are usually played during tournaments. Before the tournament start, you want to have at least a top 3 of players. During the tournament, keep an eye on underdogs who perform well. The odds of these underdogs can be very lucrative.

Also, learn which statistics characterize a player. You can use this information to your advantage by betting on props. Proposition betting is a wager based on events during the match. For instance, the player that gets the first kill. Or which player gets the most kills at the end of the match?

Tip 3: Analyze results

Start analyzing the results of your previous bets. Analyzing sounds pretty boring. However, the ability to learn from your mistakes is very helpful. Or even better write down what choices you made for each bet slip. Use an Excel sheet to easily organize your bet slips and comments.
This helps to analyze your decisions for each bet. In the end, you will learn from your mistakes, become a better bookie and earn more money.

You might think why would this be helpful. The answer is quite simple. In some cases, you discover that you lost one particular match. So next time you make your bet slip, why don’t you make two? Two almost identical bet slips where you only change the particular match. You can apply this strategy for more matchups and bet slips. Therefore, you can evenly spread your chances over multiple bets.

Do your own research, get familiar and analyze results. If you consistently apply these tips on Fortnite Esports betting. We are certain that you start to earn money. Apart from our tips, we advise betting at certified Esports bookmakers. Luckily, we also provided our Best Bookmakers.

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