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How to win at Blackjack!


We advise you to master the basics of Blackjack before you start applying the strategy described in this article. We also advise you to apply this strategy to low stake games first. Once you get the hang of it, you can start earning a lot of money at high roller tables.

The ultimate strategy

The best strategy for winning at Blackjack is counting cards. However, this method is prohibited in most Canadian Online Casinos. Besides, most blackjack tables play with a pack that consists of 6 to 8 card decks. As a result, it becomes very hard to count cards.

Like any other game, the casino always has the advantage: The house edge. In other words, in the long run, it is impossible to beat the casino. However, with our ultimate strategy, you create the best chances of winning. Ultimately, it is all about one thing: How do you get the most value out of the right cards! Let’s start right away.

1. Use the strategy chart

Use the Blackjack cheat sheet while playing. The cheat sheet is a tool designed to maximize the opportunity of winning by reducing the house edge. The overview helps to make the right choices during a hand. Unfortunately, it is not allowed in most casinos. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this when playing online.

Blackjack Cheat Sheet

The chart used for this strategy is based on the situation where the dealer is positioned at soft 17. A soft hand refers to a situation where the hand contains an ace, and the player cannot bust after drawing a card. All possible soft hands are summed up as follows:

  • A2 – 3 or 13
  • A3 – 4 or 14
  • A4 – 5 or 15
  • A5 – 6 or 16
  • A6 – 7 or 17
  • A7 – 8 or 18
  • A8 – 9 or 19
  • A9 – 10 or 20
  • A10 or any fancy card equals Blackjack

As visible, the cheat sheet is constructed with different letters. Each letter represents an action based on your cards and the dealer’s cards:

  • Hit: Ask for an additional card. There is an opportunity to improve your chances of winnings.
  • Stand: Keep your cards. Statistically, the casino has the lowest house edge.
  • Split: Split two cards with the same value into two new sets. The dealer draws two new cards for these sets after splitting.
  • Double: Increase your current wager two times. We recommend you to play at tables that allow the option to double down. This option can be very lucrative.

To summarize, apply the right action based on your cards and the dealer’s cards when a new round starts or a new card has been added to your hand.

2. Stick to the basic strategy

Blackjack is solely based on probability. Whether the pack consists of 4, 5, 6 or 8 card decks, it doesn’t matter. The best strategy for winning at Blackjack is learning the statistics of the game. In the beginning, use the cheat sheet to help and to get familiar with card combinations. And slowly work your way up until you don’t need the sheet anymore. Eventually, you will find out the overall chances of winning are 42%. Apply the ultimate strategy once you completely dominate the game, which is playing with high stakes in the right situations.

Avoid these mistakes

1. Never buy insurance

The dealer offers the opportunity to buy insurance if the first card of the dealer’s hand shows an ace. Insurance costs half of your wager. In other words, insurance costs C$10 provided you placed a bet of C$20. However, it is only paid if the dealer hits a blackjack. Under no circumstances, it is beneficial to buy insurance.

2. Don’t take advice from someone else

Never take advice from other gamblers. A lot of people claim they have found the best strategy for playing Blackjack. Nevertheless, these stories are often too good to be true. So, always reason from your strategy and don’t take a word from others.

3. Don’t get mixed up by emotions

Situations where money is concerned, it is difficult to deal with your emotions. For instance, when you are winning streak, you don’t want to stop. On the other hand, when you lose, you expect it to be okay later on. From the moment your choices are determined by your emotions, it’s time to stop. Keep your head cool and stay calm.

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