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If you are new to online gambling, and you have frequented at least one popular online casino lobby, chances are you may have encountered a specialty category. These are segments of the casino reserved for popular and diverse games, games exactly like Bingo. This is an age-old game that has been introduced to online gaming courtesy of its lucrative and entertaining nature, exactly what you should be playing as a new online gamer or something that should be entertained if you are looking to broaden your gaming options. For whatever reason, this is an immersive game that is highly sought after by online players. If you want to give yourself an advantage, you will need a Bingo strategy guide and this one for beginners aims to help you improve your odds of winning in the long run!

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What Is Bingo?

A classic game, first introduced in 1929, it is a game of chance where the stakes depend on the casino and the player wagers on the outcome of potential numbers to be called out. The game made its internet debut in 1996 and has since been a popular source of entertainment for players around the world. The game is easier to comprehend than one might imagine and if you understand the basics, luck will do the rest for you.

How to play bingo?

The game is played at both land-based and online casinos, with online casinos using a random number generator to determine the outcome of the chosen numbers. What also influences the way players embrace the game is the variants you choose to play. The American variant is played with 75 balls while the UK variant includes 90 balls. The game aims to determine which numbers will be called by selecting them on a sheet of randomly listed numbers. These numbers on the ticket correspond with the balls that are played. These are the same numbers that are drawn digitally. Depending on the variant you have chosen, the best win is when you complete an entire line on the ticket. This means all the numbers you have chosen have been selected and this win is referred to as a full house.

The game springs into action when the first number is called. If it was one of the numbers you selected, you are required to mark it off. The next number reveals itself, the RNG (random number generator) chooses which number appears on the screen next, and that number is called out. The game continues until all numbers are called or a player calls ‘Bingo’. The amount of numbers drawn depends on the variant you have chosen to play.

This particular game is played similarly from continent to continent and Canada is no exception. Players from all around the world have access to the same variants, and for each new version of the game, players have the same aim. So how does one find quality Bingo casinos in their country? If you want to enjoy the game at home, you will need to seek out particular features and use this as a part of your strategy of choosing quality games, changing the way you play this game of chance.

Basic Online Rules

You will need to follow a set of rules, and these vary according to the variant of the game. The basic rules are as follows:

  1. Before the game begins, tickets must be bought and players must choose their numbers.
  2. A win is formed after a line has been completed or another player hits a Bingo.
  3. A two-win line is formed when players achieve two lines, usually formed horizontally. They must be on the same ticket.
  4. Line wins can be formed by completing a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line.
  5. Players need to complete the pattern on the card to form a win.

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Finding the Best Canadian Online Bingo Games – What to Look For

Finding the best Bingo games depends on the casino. The quality of your gaming experience is directly impacted by many factors, and some of the features you need to be aware of include the following:

Bingo Variants

Though the game of chance offers a similar layout, structure, and aim from one platform to the next, it is important to familiarize yourself with the variant best suited to you. This helps you explore options and ultimately better your chances of a win by exploring games fit for you and your budget.

Free Games

A solution to help you, not only explore the variants but also get to know the game, the rules, and apply strategies, is to play free games. They are fun and open you to a new dynamic of immersive gambling.

Quality Casinos

Choosing a quality casino directly impacts your game. You can choose highly interactive casinos that offer immersive gaming experiences through casino forums, casino reviews, and affiliate sites. Not only do these types of casinos provide you with quality games but Bingo promotions and bonuses generally come hand in hand with becoming a member.

Support and Security

Finding a safe and secure site is essential to the outcome of your game. Winning and claiming your wins entails a reliable site that guarantees payouts. Should you run into any issues, you would need direct access to customer care in order to resolve any and all problems that present themselves.


This random number game of chance is one of the most interactive games in casino gaming, especially if you are playing at a live casino. Being a part of a community grants you access to live chat features, tips and tricks, and essential information that can change the way you play. Choose a casino site that grants you access to a closely-knit community of players with the same gaming interests, or find a forum to help you establish successful gameplay.

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A Bingo Strategy to Help You Win

By simply following the above guidelines, you have been introduced to a natural playing strategy that will only become easier with time. However, if you want to further your chances of winning strategically at the game, follow some pro tips and tricks to turn the odds in your favour.

Play Free Games to Test Various Types of Bingo Games

Before you settle on just one variant, test your skill by playing different types of games. Some popular variants you may encounter include 30 balls, 75, 80, 90, Four Corners, Outer Edge, and Wine Glass. Wine Glass is fun and exciting as players aim to form the outline of a wine glass, creating massive hype and a thrilling gaming experience. By exploring these options, you will open a window of opportunity and see where your talent lies. Free games or offline games allow you this freedom without losing any money. It’s also the perfect platform to put these next few tips to test and see which options work best for you.

Manage Your Bankroll

If you want to play for real money, you will need to sign up with a real money online casino. The more money you have, the longer you will play. So to do this successfully, begin betting small and gradually build your wagers as you feel more comfortable playing the variant of choice for real money.

Play Smaller Games

As a beginner, take advantage of smaller games. This prepares you for bigger games and gifts you quick cash in smaller time frames. It also gives you the advantage as you feel as if you are winning more rather than betting and losing frequently.

Play Tournaments

Once you have gotten into the swing of things, warmed up by playing free games and you have a substantial enough bankroll to play with the pros, sign up with online casinos that offer Bingo tournaments. These are thrilling events that are designed to reward players handsomely upon calling on a winning line or pattern. Tournaments are scheduled, so you can work them into your calendar and prep properly to stand a real shot of winning the pot!

Pick a Selection of Numbers

The more numbers you bet on the better your chance of winning. However, it is important to remember that you also lose on the numbers you have chosen but haven’t been called. To avoid this, pick a wide selection of numbers but keep it within your budget and adjust your numbers throughout gameplay, looking for the ones more frequently called.

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This incredibly interactive game of chance and luck is ideal for anyone looking for a new platform for unique entertainment. The game is easy to understand and there really aren’t many rules, making it ideal for first-time players. Online Bingo is one of the few casino games that reward players in a fast-paced environment, creating an incomparable gaming experience.

By applying strategy to your game, choosing a variant best suited to your gaming preference, indulging in free Bingo games, and managing your bankroll, your online Bingo gameplay will never be the same again, and you could be the next big winner. Play today to find out if you have lady luck on your side and explore a new dimension of online gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions regarding playing bingo? We tried to answer the most critical issues for you below. If your question is still not answered, you can always contact us. We are happy to help everyone!

🔴 What is bingo?

It is a random chance matching numbers game that is especially popular in the UK and USA. Participants receive special bingo cards or tickets. A caller or host calls out numbers, usually from 1 to 90 (UK) or 1 to 75 (USA). Online versions are becoming popular worldwide.

🔟 How to play bingo?

Each bingo card given to players has various rows and columns of numbers and blank spaces. The arrangement depends on the variant being played. A random number generator gives out numbers. Players must then match the numbers called to the numbers on their cards.

🏆 How to win bingo?

There are several ways to win bingo. Players can match the numbers in each of the four corners or all the numbers on a single row. A two-line win matches the numbers on any two lines, while a Full House win matches all the numbers on the card.

🔍 Who invented bingo?

Bingo is thought to have evolved from a traditional Italian lotto game. It spread to France, the UK and other parts of Europe in the 1700s. A man named Edwin S. Lowe is credited with popularizing the game by developing over 6,000 different cards with fewer repeating numbers. This reduced the number of conflicting wins.

💲 Where to buy bingo cards?

Traditional bingo cards are available to buy in bingo halls. The cards can also be purchased online from specialised online bingo sites by heading to the “Bingo Rooms”. Some casinos also offer virtual bingo games.

🤔 Where to play bingo?

Bingo halls have special rooms set up for play. However the number of physical halls is dwindling. Online bingo sites such as Kahuna Casino, Jackpot City Casino, and Mucho Vegas Casino are becoming more popular. There are also online slot game versions of bingo at major Canadian casinos such as Mecca Casino.