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Welcome Bonus

As an online casino player, you must have in all probability heard about welcome bonuses and even perhaps used a few. If so, you most likely already know what they are and likewise, their many perks.

Almost every popular online casino worldwide uses welcome bonuses as a promotion strategy to attract even more players to their websites. And in almost all situations, if you play your cards right, this promotion strategy almost always works.

The signup bonus is also one of the most valuable tools online casinos have in their arsenal. It’s also always one of the best deals novice casino players get from online casinos. So, it’s best to know as much information as you can about them and how best to use them to your advantage.

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What is a welcome bonus?

Simply put, these are rewards that casinos offer to new players when they register for their services for the first time. As such, they come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the casino you want to sign up for. Chiefly, there are really no guidelines for how casinos offer these enticing promotions, although most casinos rely on the same formula. So, this excerpt should be an excellent guide on this front.

These promotional offers can come in different forms, like free chips to gamble with or free spins. They usually represent major benefits for players gaming online rather than those in a land-based venue. While it might seem a bit far-fetched to win a ridiculous amount of free cash, the fact is that you can if you try.

Most gamers who play at online casinos always try to maximize these online promotions whenever they can. After all, they are a great, risk-free way of getting money into your wallet. However, it’s vital that you also learn how to find them, how they work, and their requirements. Remember, not all bonuses are created equal. Some are usually more player-friendly than others.

The biggest is not always the best when it comes to welcome bonuses. Sometimes, it is the smaller options that offer much better value than the larger ones. Again, this is attributed more to the requirements that these promotions come with, and they can vary significantly from one casino to the next.

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Which welcome bonus variants are there?

You probably already know about the different promotional variants that online casinos offer their first-time gamers by this stage. Some have deposit requirements and other instructions attached to them. Others allow players to withdraw their rewards after making a set number of wagers successfully.

We compiled a comprehensive list of some of the most popular welcome promotions that casinos offer their first-time clients:

Deposit welcome bonuses

These are rewards offered to players after making real-cash deposits on the casino website. Players will receive a certain percentage of the total amount of their first deposits as their wagering promotions. Most casinos usually offer a 100% deposit deal with the maximum amount somewhere between $100 and $200.

For example, if your first deposit is $100 with a 100% deposit promotion attached to it, you would get a total of $200 to kickstart your wagering.

Free games

Free games, also known as free play, are also special promotional offers that casinos award. Although they aren’t always too popular among casinos, they are well received by gamers. These offers consist of a certain amount of cash injected into your account. You cannot withdraw this cash until you meet a few conditions.

The casino might ask you to play one or more games and win every one of them to withdraw your gains. It’s more of a win-win for the player, as you don’t have to risk your real cash. But you stand a chance to win extra cash if you meet all of the casino’s requirements.

Free spins

Free spins are another welcome promotional offer that players gladly take. It’s usually used in slot games. So, remember to keep an eye out for it the next time you want to join a new online casino to enjoy these promotional offers.

Furthermore, free spins allow players to try out different games within the casino website without taking a chance with their real money. So, if your online casino bonus offers you free spins as a welcome offer, it’s always best to try your luck with them. Who knows? It might just be your day!

Combined offers

Some online casinos like to offer players the chance to win two promotions at once. Most combined offers are always activated after the player makes the first deposit. For instance, a casino may offer you an additional 100% of your deposited amount plus free slot spins for specific slot games.

These offers usually come with additional rules that you must meet before the casino allows you to withdraw your returns.

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What are the best welcome bonuses?

Below are the top 5 ranking casino bonuses. According to the data we collected, these are the best signup offers you can find on the market today:


bet365 has some of the best online betting offers you can find today. Its welcome offer is reserved only for first-time account users on the website. With online bookmaker promotional offers, great odds, and a one-wallet system, it’s no surprise that bet365 is one of the most popular online casinos with over six million players in 200 different countries.


This site offers a 100% welcome bonus of up to €100. All you have to do is register for an account as a new customer and place your first deposit to benefit from its existing welcome offer.


22bet is another popular online betting site among most players. It offers a signup promotional offer of up to €50 for first-time customers. However, remember that these offers must match your first deposit into the account. So, if you deposit €50, you will receive an extra €50 to wager.


888Sport is part of 888 Casino offers up to £30 free bet bonus for first-time customers. As one of the most popular online betting sites, 888Sport has a long-standing history of offering some considerable promotional deals once in a while.


Bwin is known to offer some of the best registration offers around. Originally an Australian bookmaker, the betting company offers bets for different sports, poker games and casino games. Customers have endless possibilities for winning on this site. Its £10 free bet offer makes signing up even more enticing for gamers.

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Where can I find the best welcome bonuses?

As already mentioned, finding the perfect promotional offer that meets all your expectations and more realistic rewards can be challenging. You must do a little digging to find the right online casino that provides the welcome promotional offers you need alongside reasonable requirements you must meet to win those offers.

See below for some best practices for finding the best welcome offers:

Shop around

Over the last two decades, online casinos and betting sites have become increasingly popular. And the key ingredient here is the irresistible promotional offers for first-time customers.

Needless to say, online casinos are constantly at war over who’s promotional offers are the most attractive. Some casinos even throw in a few free spins into their welcome package to make their offers more inviting than their competitors.

Therefore, it’s good practice not to settle for the first option you find when looking for one. Shop around instead. Do a little research, but with the awareness that casinos change their promotional offers from time to time. So, you must always be on the lookout.

Visit different online casinos

The best way to really know the promotional rewards individual casinos offer is by visiting the actual casinos one by one. Visit their official websites and interact with their support team. Get to know as much information as you can about their promotional offers.

Remember also that you can choose to decline the promotional rewards these casinos offer. You are not obligated to take any perk simply because the casino offers it. It doesn’t make much sense to accept a promotional offer with nearly impossible requirements to beat.

What are the advantages over other bonuses?

These promotional offers are the first impressions that new gamers get from online casinos. Therefore, they must look extremely lucrative at first glance to try and win the gaming site new players and possibly lock another long-term loyal gamer to their portfolio.

As a player, you must understand all the intricate rules linked to these offers, so you don’t end up disappointed when you can’t withdraw your earnings.

Before you opt to apply for any casino bonus promo, check its online terms and conditions to ensure you are eligible for the offer. Think of these offers as a win-win situation for both casinos and players.

These promotional offers play an integral part in promoting online casinos and establishing themselves as the best casinos to register with and play.


There you have it, a complete guide on casino welcome bonuses and what you should do to reap all of their benefits. It also allows players to try some of the popular casino games and try the single slots you ought to try before placing your wager with real money.

Our last piece of advice, perhaps the most important, is always to have fun gaming. After all, that’s what playing is all about, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about how you can get a welcome bonus and what to look out for? We tried to answer the most critical issues for you below. If your question is still not answered, you can always contact us. We are happy to help everyone!

🎁 What is a welcome bonus?

Casinos incentivize players to sign up offering a welcome bonus. What this means is, players are privy to lucrative offers, exclusive to new signing members. For example, a casino may offer a new player 50 free spins, money back, or double the first deposits made. All this and more upon signing up and making a deposit.

😎 How to get a welcome bonus?

When signing with an online casino, be sure to confirm there is in fact a welcome bonus. Next, when signing up, click on the welcome offer. Last, follow the steps delivered by the casino. You may be expected to enter the bonus code which refers to the welcome bonus.

✅ Which welcome bonuses are available?

Because of the popular nature of welcome bonuses, there are various ones to choose from. Namely, free spins bonuses, match deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, cashback bonuses or a combined offer of the above.

📋 What are the welcome bonus requirements?

Most welcome offers are tied to wagering requirements. Wagering requirements are the amount of times you will need to wager any winnings eared from the bonus. Hence, players need to confirm what they are as these requirements vary from one casino to the next.

⭐ What is the best welcome bonus?

This depends entirely on you! While some players prefer slots, others enjoy table games. So while a free spins welcome offer may be attractive to slots players, a match deposit bonus is more fitting for table gamers. The best welcome bonus is the one you find most appealing.

🎰 What are the best casinos for a welcome bonus?

Choose a casino based on the welcome bonus, but also look for ongoing promotions. Though the welcome offer is appealing, it is exclusively available to new members. As an existing member, you want other promotional offers. So be sure to check other incentives!