Major Millions

Major Millions

Major Millions is a cartoonish military-themed video slot from developer Microgaming with a progressive jackpot that may be won on a 3 reel traditional machine or a 15 payline.

About Major Millions

Major Millions is definitely one of the most exciting games from Microgaming. It is a progressive jackpot game similar to the famous slot Hall of Gods by NetEnt, but it can only be won in a certain way, and you will need to follow the rules of the game to win it. First of all, you have to get the wild symbol five times on a specific payline, and you have to play with the maximum bet.

If you do not do this, you will win some coins, but unfortunately, not the jackpot. In addition to the jackpot, the game, unfortunately, does not have much to offer for players who may be used to more winnings.


Major Millions is one of the more classic video slots, with five reels and just three lines. The animations are drawn, and you notice that the game has some years on its neck. The animations are entertaining but could have been done a little better. The animation with the name of the game is the most important in the game. This is the wild symbol, and this can give you some winnings.

In addition to this, there is also a multiplier that ensures that your winnings increase. However, the wild symbol is more than just a wild symbol. It is also the symbol you need to have the chance to win the jackpot. Another fun slot to try out is Wheel of Fortune. This game offers great gameplay but doesn’t offer a huge jackpot like Major Millions. However, there’s still $250.000 up for grabs. More than enough to give it a shot in our opinion!


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Bonus for Major Millions

Unfortunately, Major Millions does not have a free spins mode. There is also no bonus game and no special feature. It’s more like a video slot game you played in an arcade game maybe decades ago. However, the game is entertaining, but most players today may be looking for a little more excitement and entertainment.


This is where most players make mistakes. To have a chance of winning the jackpot, you must first get the wild symbol five times on payline 15. It is the bottom symbol on the first, third and fifth reels, and the middle symbol on the second and fourth reels. But do not cheer yet, because if you get the symbol there, you will not immediately win the jackpot. First, you must have played with maximum effort.

If you play with fewer coins than the maximum bet, you will not have the chance to win the jackpot. Therefore, remember to play with maximum effort. You can also not cut the paylines if you want to win the jackpot. The fifteenth payline disappears if you adjust your paylines.If you win the jackpot, it will be set back at $ 250,000. The jackpot will fall back when it is around $ 400,000, but this is, of course, no guarantee. This may make you wonder if this game is really that interesting, after all.