CA$32 million jackpot is now up for grabs in the Lotto Max draw

No winning ticket has been found in any province for the massive Lotto Max jackpot that has been tormenting Canadians for days now. The Lotto’s prize was no less than 27 million dollars on Friday. The big reward is currently being passed by everyone because no one has the correct numbers.

lotto max winners

This week’s winning numbers were 09-30-35-37-42-50, with bonus number 47, therefore regrettably no one had these numbers on their ticket for Friday’s draw. The $27 million jackpot has now been increased for the next drawing, as there was no one to claim it.

The jackpot for the upcoming drawing has been boosted to $32 million. Tickets for the upcoming draw on Tuesday, November 30th, can now be purchased by all players and fans. and are still the best places to buy tickets online.

In Canada, the Lotto Max is a two-draw-a-week lottery game that takes place on Tuesday and Friday. As a result of the large jackpots, this lotto game is quite popular in Canada. Players can win jackpots totalling up to $70 million, as well as a number of smaller prizes totalling $1 million.

One more winner

Last week, Syed Zubair Shah received a prize of $7,520,900. Lotto 6/49, a popular game among lotto players, helped him win this jackpot. Shah, a construction worker by day, said he had no idea what had happened to him after discovering his winnings.

He jumped on the phone and dialled his mother right away to share the amazing news with her. Shah is the second Markham resident to take home a jackpot from the Lotto 6/49 in the last seven days! Three buddies had won a total of $21 million the week before.

Edmonton winner

Overall, November was a month of winners and prizes. Edmonton resident Sagita Narayan was also granted a prize this month by the Western Canadian Lottery Corporation. In the Lotto 6/49, she was the lucky winner of a whopping $16.5 million in prize money.

Her lucky numbers were  2-7-18-19-23-25. She was able to deposit the millions into her account because of these digits.