Casino Niagara marks its 25th anniversary this year

As of this year, Casino Niagara is celebrating 25 years of providing igaming services to the Niagara Falls region of the province of Ontario. Moments like this deserve to be remembered.

casino niagara falls

After Casino Niagara’s doors were opened in 1996, the tourism industry went through a major shift. The city has become a year-round tourist destination thanks to its year-round gambling options.

In all these years there have been more than 100 million visitors and still, millions come to gamble each year. Since its opening 25 years ago, the casino has been a vital element of the city’s economy, particularly as an employer.

“It is a very special moment to reflect on and we should celebrate this milestone. It’s not just for us, but for the entire Niagara Falls community. Thank you to all of our employees for making it possible for us to run a successful business for the past 25 years. In addition, of course, we are extremely grateful to all of our customers, as without them we would never have been able to make the casino such a leading gaming provider.”
Niagara Casino CEO Richard Taylor


More than 150 charities and philanthropic organizations in the Niagara region have received support from the corporation for many years now. Niagara Casino’s ncCommunity initiative distributes more than a million dollars a year to its members. For example, you can think of organizations such as Gillians’ Place, The Village of Hope, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, and many more.

But it’s not simply donations that the company encourages; it has a unique mindset that encourages a high level of employee involvement in community service. Volunteering more than 3,000 hours a year, these programs manage to raise more than $150,000 each year via the efforts of our employees.


The end of the month will once again be a time for celebration. Over 690 of the company’s employees will also be celebrating 25 years of service this year. Many more employees will follow next year. That casino Niagara has been able to keep its staff for so long is a clear indication that it is a great place to work.

According to Taylor, the organization has had to deal with a number of difficult situations in the past year. As a result of the hard efforts of our personnel, we were able to reopen as quickly as possible. This reopening was made possible by the efforts of everyone on the team.

Source: “Casino Niagara celebrates milestone 25th anniversary”, Niagara Frontier Publications, December 7, 2021