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How to win at soccer betting

With any kind of bets that concern soccer, you should study the form of any given side. This is usually the case with sports betting. In order to know how to win soccer betting, you should do your homework.

Firstly, some of the best soccer bets offered by bookmakers or Canadian online casinos may entail odds boosts. Enhanced odds involve bookmakers raising the price of the odds to make it more enticing for punters to place a wager.

So for example, if Liverpool were playing West Ham and Liverpool were normally short-priced favorites, they may be given odds of 7/1 by the bookmaker, which would provide a bigger return for the better if they won. Starting off with the straight win/lose market is an advised approach if you are not a seasoned soccer bettor.

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Popular soccer accumulators to try out

Typically at the sports betting weekend, there are a smorgasbord of games in Europe’s top leagues and with that, there are usually plenty of tips flying around. One effective strategy is to try an accumulator.

An accumulator consists of betting on a variety of matches – perhaps five – and the teams that you back all need to win. So for example, you could bet on Celtic, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Real Madrid and PSG to win their respective league games on any given weekend. While accumulators are recommended soccer bets, they can create a lot of pressure for the bettor.

With accumulators, there is uncertainty, especially when there is a last-minute equalizer or winner that could spoil a betting slip. To know how to bet on soccer, it is worth understanding how accumulators work. Soccer provides plenty of drama and there are so many unpredictable outcomes.

Previously, there were certain matches such as PSG v Nice and that was considered a ‘home banker’, which would mean you felt that the home side would be guaranteed to win. But when it comes to how to play and succeed at accumulator bets, it requires a lot of research.

Scooping big on goalscorer betting

There are so many different markets to look at and take into account when it comes to soccer betting, as well as which bookmaker to choose and where to play them at. However, the goalscoring betting is particularly worthwhile. This covers both the first and last scorer.

Usually, the odds may be shorter on a striker who is in form, such as Harry Kane to net the first goal in any given game, whereas a defender may have longer odds attached to them as they don’t score as regularly.

Within goalscorer betting, you can also bet on the anytime goalscorer market. This revolves around guessing who will score in 90 minutes. There are some great bookmakers for soccer bets, but there are also a plethora of outcomes that can affect this, such as if a player is substituted or they have been sent off. Our guide to bet on soccer should help provide inspiration as well as help make smarter decisions when placing bets on games. In the next section, we will give a quick overview of the art of handicap betting.

Basic guide to handicap betting for soccer

There is great value to be found in a number of markets where you get access to competitive odds. While the simplest bets to do may be the match bet, for those that are more knowledgeable, handicap betting is worth acknowledging. Unlike the Asian Handicap, you can bet on one team to win but then the other team may be granted a one-goal advantage to increase their chances.

So for example, if Arsenal were facing Antwerp, Arsenal would be favourites. They may be given a handicap of -1, so if they were to win 2-0, then your bet would be successful. If Antwerp were given a +1 handicap and the game finished 2-2 and you bet on Antwerp, it would be a winning bet as they had a one-goal advantage.