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New scary slot game: Villa Vendetta

Lady Luck Games is releasing a completely new slot game in a fun and scary theme. The game is designed after a haunted house situated in the world famous Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen. It won’t be a coincidence that this new game will be available at Tivoli Casino Eclusively!

villa vendetta slot

Like many other slots from Lady Luck also Villa Vendetta has many fun features. But this is not the most important part, there are two progressive jackpot prizes connected to the game. You have chances to win these jackpots through three different bonus games. You can see the amount that’s in the jackpot at the top of the game.

Game details

When the game starts it looks like you are standing in front of the haunted house, there’s a window at your left and a door at the right part of the game. Every now and then a spooky character will pop up to try and scare you.

While playing the game you have a chance to play three bonus games as well. These bonus games are called:

The Hole: You have fallen into a hole and you can only get out of this hole by landing on one to four with the spinner.
The Basement: It’s a simple part, the only thing you have to do is roll the dice. The eyes of the dice will match a specific prize and will count up in order to activate a win.
Collect screams: With the collect screams, you can get an extra 10 spins.

Our opinion

We do like the game however, to be honest, it’s not the best game we played lately. If you keep in mind that this is a brand new game we kind of think it’s a little disappointing. The theme is fun and the bonus games are fun as well but we just expected a little more from a brand new slot.