Nova Scotia Still Working on Single-Sports Betting Details

The Nova Scotia government is still discussing the best technique for enabling people to wager on particular sports events, according to new revelations.

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When it comes to individual sports event gambling, Pro Line is the only shareholder in the Atlantic Lottery Corporation that does not provide it. Individual sports event wagering becomes legal in August 2021.

The Atlantic Lottery and Gaming Corporation (ALC) has announced that it will begin offering single-event betting in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island on August 27, 2021, effective immediately. On the other side, Nova Scotia is the only province in Atlantic Canada that has not legalized single-game wagering.

Negotiations are still ongoing

The implementation of single-game wagering is still being considered by the local administration, according to Gary Andrea, a spokeswoman. He claims that the province is still debating how it would go about selling the goods. The fact that there are so many unlicensed online sportsbooks means that residents may still participate, which was one of the main justifications for legalizing it.

This option will be available to local bettors in August, as the Crown corporation made clear in an August statement. However, provincial elections in Nova Scotia were conducted in the middle of August of last year at the same time that the new option was launched. Aside from single wagering, the new Progressive Conservative administration has several other duties.

The new administration has been dealing with other issues since taking office in August, as Finance Minister MacMaster highlighted in October. As a result, he added, the government will need additional time to adequately consider the issue of an online casino in Nova Scotia. In addition, he sees the expansion as a fantastic way to bring in a lot of additional money for the province.

In addition to the ALC’s Pro Line brand, Nova Scotia’s government is contemplating employing land-based casinos in the province as sportsbooks. Even the Ontario model of an open and competitive market for internet providers may be used in the US. No substantial evidence has emerged thus far to support the claim.

As a result of the exceptional scenario, the ALC might gain from introducing single-event wagering to another Atlantic area. To end the fiscal year on March 31, 2021, the Crown company reported a total of CA$346.5 million from its four provincial shareholders. This is down from the previous year’s CA$48.9.

Offers Improvements

In December 2021, the ALC announced a content distribution arrangement with Everi Digital, an online gaming business of Everi Holdings Inc. This relationship allowed the provider to provide some of its most popular games to, including Atomic MeltdownTM and El Dorado the Lost City.