Best Bitcoin Casino 2022

Despite the peddled controversies, BTC has offered a whole new experience in carrying out most online transactions since its inception. We compiled this eye-opening article to help you understand the currency better and play at the best bitcoin casinos. Let’s get started.

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Top 12

Bitcoin Casinos in Canada

Favorite Arcanebet
7.8 stars
bonus icon
100% to C$500
  • +3000 slots
  • Fantastic welcome offer
  • Customer Support 9 - 24
8.5 stars
bonus icon
C$250 + 120 Spins
  • More than 600 games
  • Chat available
  • Some countries excluded
9 stars
bonus icon
C$1500 + 150 Spins
  • Fast payouts
  • 24/7 support
  • Not available everywhere
9.5 stars
bonus icon
C$500 + 50 Spins
  • Epic promotions
  • Over 500 games
  • No phone support
8 stars
bonus icon
C$300 + 200 Spins
  • Great promotions
  • Part of trustworthy iGaming
  • No phone support available
bonus icon
C$300 + 150 Spins
  • Very high quality gameplay
  • 500+ slots
  • No telephone support
Royal Panda
bonus icon
C$1000 + 10 Spins
  • Chat & email support
  • No payment fees
  • Not many payment methods
8 stars
bonus icon
C$1800 + 20 Spins
  • Proven fair, indepedent audits
  • Well-known developers
  • No support during night

What is Bitcoin?

Simply put, it is an entirely virtual type of currency, or you can say an online version of cash that you can use to play games with bitcoin or buy goods and services online.

Bitcoin’s inception dates back to 2009 and, since then, it has continued to grow in popularity, gaining more and more users. It offers a peer-to-peer type of transaction that makes it relatively safe and the best option for most online buyers and sellers. This hints at why it has grown to more than 42 million Bitcoin wallet owners globally.

Canadian Bitcoin Casinos have joined the shift and are now accepting deposits and withdrawals through this crypto. Besides the ease of using this cryptocurrency, bitcoin gambling lovers can also enjoy a bulk of bonuses and other advantages by using it as their preferred transaction currency.

Apart from that, there are a lot of BTC games that you can enjoy at your favorite bitcoin casino. Most of these games (from tables games to modern slots) include recent creations, require no deposits to play, and have a great graphic display alongside other top-notch features that are a remarkable leap from the former versions.

How to get Bitcoin?

Unlike the fiat currency, you can create, trade, distribute, and store this cryptocurrency using a decentralized ledger system known as the blockchain. A blockchain is a shared public ledger that contains all confirmed transactions. Each BTC is a computer file kept in a system or a mobile Bitcoin app.

To start the bitcoin process, you will first need to have a wallet. A wallet is a software that allows you to send, receive, and keep cash in the BTC network. You can keep your wallet on computer hardware, a desktop, on the web, or your mobile phone. Here are a few ways you can land your first currency.


Playing online games

Several online and mobile game stores offer many interesting Bitcoin casino games that you may enjoy and receive rewards in BTC. Similarly, you can play gambling games and place bets, and choose BTC as your transaction currency. This way, all your winnings will be available for cash out through BTC. There are many such gaming houses in Canada.



It’s likely that you’ve already heard about the buying and selling of gs. Many expert traders are making a good living by trading crypto. There are several cryptocurrency exchanges where you can buy your currency. Some of the options available in the trading category include; online buying or buying in person.


Means of payment

If you offer any services or sell goods, you can add Bitcoin to the list of your payment methods and encourage customers to use it to make payments. This way, your consumers — who are also BTC users — will send their payments in the currency.



You must have heard the term “mining.” Mining means using your computer hardware to perform mathematical calculations for the BTC network to confirm transactions and upsurge security. Though it’s not easy, the system will occasionally reward you with BTC to keep.


Working for Bitcoins

Suppose you’re self-employed and use online payment methods to receive your payment. In that case, you can change and request Bitcoins instead of the fiat currencies. Some websites also reward users with BTC for writing about cryptocurrency, completing tasks and surveys, or reading classic books.

How does Bitcoin work?

Bitcoin is one of the first currencies to use peer-to-peer technology to facilitate transactions. In the P2P reimbursement method, online payments are sent directly from one party to the other without going through a financial institution. This makes the transactions faster and secure for both parties, hence making this the best option.

This currency also offers a promise of lower transaction fees compared to many traditional payment methods. At many BTC gaming providers, all transactions are free and faster than other payments.

BTC uses cryptography to enforce the integrity and chronological order of the blockchain. Cryptography is a branch of mathematics that helps you create mathematical proofs that offer high levels of security. The technique ensures that no one spends from your wallet, and no one manages to corrupt the blockchain.

The blockchain displays all wallet addresses with the transactions, and everyone else can see your wallet address. This address is the key to accessing your hard-earned bitcoins, so it needs much security. To ascertain this, developers use cryptography to encrypt wallets and only let you access it using a password.

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Which casinos accept Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has become considerably popular recently, and many businesses and service providers globally prefer it to other transaction mediums. The motives and advantages are numerous, but the primary reason you also may regard it as the best option is a quicker and safer transaction mode.

Online gambling is also not trailing behind in the new shift. Today, many online and land-based providers globally accept BTC as a mode of transaction. They also offer a lot of BTC games that are more modern and up-to-date. The graphics and setting of these games are just a plus.

Alongside the instant transactions, using BTC at your favorite gambling provider also opens doors to several casino bonus offers, better rollovers, and free spins and slots. Free game rounds mean you can enjoy the game, place a bet, win and cash out your profits at no-deposits.

Some of the games you can enjoy include table games, slots, roulettes, and other RNG Bitcoin gambling games like Bingo, Keno, and Dice.

Some of the highest-ranking Canada gambling providers that accept Bitcoin include the following.

Bitcoin Casino Bonus Rating
PlayAmo up to C$10,000 bonus plus 14000 free spins weekly in a new race 5.00
BitCasino 100% welcome bonus, up to 1BTC 5.00
BitStarz C$12000, or 5 BTC and 180 free spins 4.80
Bodog where you get to enjoy a $1200 bonus, and at a minimum deposit of $10, you get over 300 free slots. 4.70
22Bet up to 300CAD bonus 4.50
Slots LV C$7,500 bonus, and at a minimum deposit of $20, you enjoy over 200 free slots 4.45

Advantages of playing at a Bitcoin Casino

Many BTC users attest that it is the new revolution and something they’d all want for their businesses. Apart from facilitating quick transactions, it’s also a job opportunity for the traders and miners. With its popularity growing so fast, the chances are high that the world will require more people to facilitate the trading of the currency—plus miners to do the calculations. Some of the reasons you may want to use Bitcoin in your next deposit or payment for your goods include.

Of course, every payment mode has its ups and downs, and so does Bitcoin. It’s generally the best option for most online transactions but requires you to understand it well before investing. As a result, invest in learning the concept before you invest your time and money.

  • Transactions are faster
  • Full anonymity
  • Very accessible
  • No transaction cost
  • The wallet ensures high-end security
  • Its value keeps fluctuating
  • A bit difficult to understand
  • Relatively new and untested

Other Payment Methods Casinos

Frequently Asked Questions

Would you like to pay with Bitcoin, but you don’t know how exactly? We tried to answer the most critical issues for you below. If your question is still not answered, you can always contact us. We are happy to help everyone!

What exactly is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency. It removes banks and conventional institutions from financial transactions, allowing consumers to profit. There is a limit of 21 million bitcoins that may be produced, and there is no central authority.

How to play at a Bitcoin casino?

The process is generally as follows:

  • Open an account with your casino of choice and then go to “Cashier”.
  • Under “deposit method” select “Bitcoin”.
  • Find the address of your Bitcoin Wallet and use it in the appropriate space.
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  • Confirm the transaction.
What's the best way to get your money out of a Bitcoin casino?
  • Go to the casino’s “cashier” section.
  • Choose “Bitcoin” as your preferred method.
  • Input the proper Bitcoin Wallet address where you want the money to go.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdrawal
  • Confirm the transaction.
What are the withdrawal limits for Bitcoin?

Bitcoin itself has no actual deposit or withdrawal limits. This means that the minimum and maximum amounts that you can withdraw in any given period of time is up to the casino itself. We recommend checking with the bitcoin casino beforehand to avoid unnecessary surprises.

What are the payout times for Bitcoin Casinos?

Bitcoin itself is capable of instant transfers of funds. Therefore, this is up to the individual casino in question. These days, however, BTC withdrawals are almost always instantaneous once the casino has processed your withdrawal request. Ensuring your account has been verified will speed up the process.

Which payments are available besides Bitcoin?

Besides Bitcoin, other common methods of payments used for bitcoin casinos include e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill, debit cards, credit cards and bank transfers. Where available, newer systems such as Trustly are also used.