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Safe and Responsible Gambling: 5 steps to protect yourself

Is gambling safe? 5 steps to protect yourself

First of all, it is safe. However, there is a downside. Because of the popularity of online gambling, it is quite common for scammers to try, and take advantage of players. The result of this is rigged gambling providers. A rigged-company tries to trick you into depositing money to fake accounts. Unfortunately, it is possible that these rigged companies can be listed amongst the trustworthy ones. Therefore we wrote this guide for you to safely pick  and start playing various online slots. Follow these five steps to protect yourself from rigged companies.

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5 tips to protect yourself

Below we have listed five tips to check your online safety. This is important because when you decide to play  you have to be sure you are playing in a safe environment. With these tips you know where to pay attention to.

Tip 1: Check whether the website has a license or registration

Always check if a company is registered at verified organizations such as Malta Gambling Authority or UK Gambling Commission. These organizations regulate gambling and gaming laws. First, these parties are in charge of handing out new licenses. Furthermore, they monitor registered platforms to detect any misbehaviour. Lastly, they revoke licenses from companies who misbehave. Always make sure to check whether the company has a license to make sure you play at safe gambling operators.

Tip 2: Read the terms and conditions

Read the terms and conditions before you register. A company must suit your preferences. This includes the terms and conditions. As of May 2018, there is a new regulation for data protection. This regulation allows for more control of your data. Watch out for operators who do not act by the General Data Protection Regulation.

Tip 3: Check the deposit and withdrawal options

A healthy company should offer multiple trusted deposit options. Relatively few deposit options could be considered a risk. If you want to sure check which providers the gambling offers. Well known providers like Neteller, PayPal and Visa are usually a good sign. The withdrawal options are also important to research. Every company is obligated to describe how to make a request for withdrawal and how long does it take to process your request? Furthermore, be sure to check what options the organization offers to withdraw your money.

Tip 4: Find information about the organization on the internet

Once you find an attractive offer that suits your preferences. Check online for reviews. The internet offers a lot of information about gambling. Besides StashBird many sites offer information about the website you found. Therefore, it is important to check the trustworthiness of the source. Be sure to note that a single negative review is inconclusive. We recommend that you do not play at a website  if you find numerous complaints about the website.

Tip 5: Only play at gambling providers through us

StashBird only offers legitimate companies. Our team thoroughly checks every organization that is visible on our website. We guarantee that you always play at legitimate operators through us. Check the side for popular organizations with the high scores on safety!

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Is gambling safe?

Like many other services that involve money, hackers try to take advantage of customers. Therefore, it’s important to stay away from fake gambling providers. And don’t get deceived by scammers. The iGaming industry has a long history in online safety. The first company started around the 90s. With the rise of the internet, gambling  also become very popular. Nowadays, the biggest worries of gamblers are safety and security. Think about topics such as payments, random number generation software or personal information.

In this article, we explain these topics in detail. Furthermore, we provide tips to guarantee your safety and security. At last, we suggest the best options that cover these topics with 100% safety.

Let’s start with safety in general. The first sign to watch out for is encryption. SSL-encryption is a modern technology used to protect data sent over the internet. The host must install the encryption on its server. In other words, the operator of the website must apply SSL-encryption to ensure a safe connection. Search for the lock icon in the address bar to check whether the website applies the technology. And stay away from operators that don’t apply the encryption.

Random number generation (RNG) software calculates the outcome of gambling games. The software runs an algorithm based on a start value. The outcome of the algorithm is the new start value for the next cycle. The cycle keeps repeating over and over again. For this reason, people claim they can predict the jackpot. However, If you have some knowledge of RNG, you know this is impossible.

Still, there is rigged software on the market which serves in favour of the website. Prevent yourself from scammy software with this simple tip. Only play at websites with certifications from eCOGRa. This organization regulates the fairness of gambling software and systems. Most of the time, gambling platforms who offer certified games have a seal of approval on their website.

Now the part which gives the most headaches, withdrawals. A complaint about withdrawal is the most common complaint in the industry. The operators try to bypass withdrawals as much as possible. On the other hand, customers try to claim the most of their winnings. However, both parties have to deal with terms and conditions. Therefore, we advise reading the terms and conditions before getting involved with a operator.

Another way to avoid trouble around withdrawals is by researching organizations. Read reviews of other customers or check out multiple sources that provide information about the platform. As a result, you filter the good options from the lesser ones.

To conclude, most companies are safe. However, there is a small probability you might encounter a rigged gaming platform. That’s why our team advises doing your own research before registering. Moreover, before depositing money into your account. Therefore, you are always accountable for your actions.

At last, Stashbird offers a selection of the best options. The selection is available in the sidebar on the right. And remember a safe environment is the first step to the best gambling experience.

Why is responsible gambling important?

Gambling operators and bookmakers for the Canadian market can be extremely fun, but it can also become your worst nightmare. The thrill of excitement is the element that makes gambling attractive and similarly addictive. Therefore you must know the importance of responsible gambling, but what is responsible for gambling? It is gambling for fun and excitement while you are aware of the risks. Even more that you are aware of the probability of losing money.

Our goal is to help you achieve the best experience. To achieve this experience we wrote a guide for responsible gambling. Learn more about responsible gambling with these quick tips. And make sure you do not lose control over yourself and gambling.

Tip 1: Do not try to beat the game

Do not expect to beat the game nor the platform. Gambling companies could not exist without making a profit. The odds are always in favour of the website. Therefore, it is impossible to beat websites. When you try to beat a gambling operator, it will only result in you losing money. Once you are on the losing side we strongly advise you to leave the game. Go try your luck another time or somewhere else.

Tip 2: Control your bankroll

You must manage your bankroll. First, you must prioritize how much money you can afford to lose. Second, you can deposit to your preferred account. Some websites provide controls for deposit limits, so you can set limits to your gambling expenses. Finally, once you win a prize do not forget to withdraw your profit.

Tip 3: Learn to stop

Keep your head clear, especially when you are losing money. Do not expect to win twice as much if you keep playing. Just stop the game and leave the gambling platform. When you do not stop it will most likely result in more losses. Hitting a jackpot is only reserved for a few lucky people. Therefore you must never expect to will happen on your account.

Tip 4: Take your losses

You must accept your losses. Losing money is not funny. But do not feel beat up about it. Losing money is part of gambling. After you lost a lot of money you will generally get emotional. Gambling, while you are emotional, is a stupid thing to do. Take your losses and just stop for now.

Tip 5: Seek help

Whenever you feel that your gambling activities become irresponsible to make sure you seek for help. Especially when you are sensitive to addiction. Gambling can become a serious addiction with disastrous consequences. Rather than feeling ashamed, you must try to talk about your gambling addiction. BeGambleAware is a free organization that is there for you when you have a gambling problem.

Ready to gamble responsibly?

We strongly advise you to gamble with these tips in mind. It will make sure that you gamble with more responsibility. Our team researched the best options that emphasize the importance of responsible gambling. Check the most popular options in the sidebar.