Soccer betting

Watch the game with your friends while experiencing the extra excitement of the wager you have made. And who knows, you might win a nice amount at the end of the match!

Do you want to know how you have the best chance of winning nice amounts of money? Be sure to read on!

soccer betting

What is football betting?

Betting on football is very popular. Just as there is a lot of money in the football world itself, there are also tons of money in football betting. You used to go to an old-fashioned bookmaker in an old dusty office. Nowadays this can easily be done online. This way you can take a gamble with your friends from your own living room.

It can be overwhelming for a beginner because there is so much involved. All those numbers to watch out for and how do you place the right bets?

Unlike gambling with casino games, with football betting you have more control over your luck. Combine your sports knowledge with the right strategy and you can earn quite a bit on your adventure!

Football betting is all about trying to guess the outcome of the match, it is a form of sports betting. You place a bet with a bookmaker, as many others do. A lot of knowledge and expertise is involved in football betting.

With the necessary knowledge about football and how football betting works, such as following a correct strategy, you can consciously place the right bets. If you are right then you win!

How to bet on football matches?

The standard bet is to bet on whether the home team will win, draw or the away team will win. The Bookmakers put an odd on all three results before the game. In other words, the quotation or quote. The odds help you determine the winnings if you have guessed the result correctly.

The result that, according to the bookmaker, has the best chance, gets the lowest odd. And the result that according to the bookmakers has the least chance, the highest. Sometimes you can adjust your bet in the meantime. Or you bet to sell against a good offer. This can potentially assure you of a profit, or make you miss out on an even bigger profit.


Compare the odds

If you compare the odds with multiple bookmakers, you can see where the prediction generally lies. You can assume that the bookmakers use very experienced professionals to determine the odds. Keep in mind that competition can also play a role in assigning the odds.


A combination of bets

By combining different bets, where the odds are multiplied, you can take in very high winnings. Make sure you place the correct bets, because there is a high risk that you will lose your entire bet due to one wrong choice.


Risk management

Only gamble with money you can afford to lose. soccer betting does not make you rich in one fell swoop. It takes time, consistency and preparation. Be smart with the balance on your account. Don’t risk everything at once. Don’t stop your adventure with one loss or a few consecutive losses.


Focus on the long term

Put your focus on the long term. Be content with smaller but sure winnings. Choose the bets based on research and knowledge and not because this outcome will pay you the most profit.

Where can you wager on soccer?

You can place the old-fashioned wager in the sports canteen, at the cigar farmer, in a casino or online casino. The advantage of online football betting is that you can immediately respond to what happens during the match. This increases your chances of winning and makes it even more exciting.

Thanks to the popularity of football and betting, there are numerous providers to be found online. Nowadays football betting is even available on your mobile.

On our website you can find the best range of bookmakers. If you choose an online bookmaker through our website, you can be sure that it is reliable.

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What types of soccer bets are there?

We have already discussed the basic bet above. But there are many more soccer bets available. You can also combine them.

For example, you can also bet on the final score, the intermediate score, the number of red or yellow cards that will be dealt, who will score the goals, and so on.

By combining soccer bets you can multiply the odds. Then when you win, you increase the winnings significantly. But if you lose, you lose more. And with more bets, there is also more chance of losing something.

A few more examples of types of bets:

  • Who scores during the match: Here you can bet on the scorer of the match. If you guess the scorer correctly, you win!
  • Goals: This is the most popular form. You bet on whether or not more than two goals will be scored.
  • Draw no bet: Sometimes you can choose to get the bet back if you don’t win. This is nice if you are unsure of the team you choose.

Soccer betting bonus

There are different casino bonuses involved in soccer betting. This can give a good boost to the balance of your account.

Deposit Bonus

The most common bonus is a deposit bonus. This is expressed as a % of the amount you deposit. You will receive this extra gift to play with. If a 200% deposit bonus is offered, and you deposit $100, you have $300 to play with.

Free bet

An amount is put on your balance to be able to place a bet. If you are a beginner, it is nice to get to know how everything works in this way. Or maybe you want to try out a new bookmaker? Thanks to a free bet, this can be done without risk.

No deposit bonus

This is a welcome bonus from the bookmaker. No deposit is required to receive this bonus.

To avoid disappointment, it is wise to familiarize yourself with the conditions of the bonus in advance.
soccer betting tips

Soccer betting strategy

There are so many factors to consider. You have to pay attention to the odds and who has the best chance of winning the soccer match. That is why several strategies have been devised to give soccer betting more chances of winning. Here are a few examples:

Use proportionally

Research has shown that the Proportionate deployment strategy gives the highest return. You always use a fixed percentage of the balance of your account. If you win and your account grows, your bets will be higher. If you lose once, the next bet will be slightly lower.

The 79 minute strategy

This strategy gives you quite a bit of certainty. Because you place the bet in the last fifteen minutes of the soccer matches, you have a reasonable overview of who will win. The odds are a lot lower, but this strategy is not about the amount of profit, but about the certainty of it.

The Martingale strategy

Here you double the bet every time. You do this as often as possible until you win once. Once you’ve won, you stop or start over with the amount of your very first bet. It is important that you only choose odds of 2.00 or higher.

Soccer betting tips

It is important to have sufficient knowledge about soccer to make the best possible bet. But you can also find soccer betting tips online in various places. You can place your bet based on these tips, or use them to support your own choice.

The soccer betting tips contain an extensive prediction and sometimes also tell which bookmaker can best place the bet for the highest possible profit.

Live soccer betting

The difference between normal soccer betting and live soccer betting is mainly in the moment of placing the bet. In normal soccer betting, the bet is placed before the soccer match. In live betting on soccer, it is true that bets are still placed during soccer matches.

During normal betting, the bet cannot be withdrawn or adjusted in the meantime. This is possible with live soccer betting. The chance to end the soccer matches with a nice win is therefore a lot higher when you play live.

bet on soccer online

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How to win?

The goal of soccer betting should be to get a high profit in the long run. If you incorporate the following tips into your adventure, you may well succeed!

  1. Value soccer betting
    Probability is key according to the most successful soccer gamblers. The bookmaker lets his professionals make a prediction and you check whether your prediction is somewhat in line with the odds set by the bookmaker.

    Also called the value of the bet.With value betting, you look at soccer bets with the highest values. Suppose you estimate your bet at 50% chance of winning and the quote is higher than 2.0, then you have found a bet with more value.

    With value betting, you sometimes bet on an outcome that is least likely to the bookmaker. But if you have thoroughly studied the statistics and you think your outcome has a good chance, then this outcome is worth the gamble. If you win, it can yield high winnings.

  2. See all bets separately
    Start every new bet from scratch. Don’t get carried away, because you are a fan of a certain club. Do not bet on the same club again because they also gave a profit last time. Always follow your strategy, re-research before each bet and re-determine where to place your bet for each bet.

    Also, don’t hold on to past gains or losses. Don’t get greedy or lose heart. See every new bet as a new opportunity.

  3. Don’t chase high winnings and odds
    It is attractive to choose the outcome with the highest quote. But only choose outcomes that are realistic and can bring you profit. If you only pursue where high winnings come, you will often lose your bet.
  4. Soccer betting preview
    To choose a good bet you can focus on the soccer betting preview. You will find at a glance the performance of the different teams and the predictions of the different bookmakers. The preview is compiled by highly experienced professionals. Therefore, you can be sure that all information is correct. Include the preview in your decision making. This ensures that you place a bet with more chance of winning!
  5. Choose a less known competition
    In the major well-known competitions, the bookmaker knows much better to predict the outcome. As a result, there is little value to be found in the quotations. Immerse yourself in an unknown club, an unknown competition. If you study an unknown club carefully and can estimate the outcome correctly, you can still beat the bookmakers. The chance that you will find high value quotes is also much higher.
  6. Place bets with different bookies
    Once you have studied the statistics and have a good estimate of where to place the bet, try placing bets for the same match with different bookmakers. There are sometimes some differences in the quotations. In the long run, this can potentially give you more winnings.
  7. Emotions under control
    Gambling can trigger a lot of emotions, just like a soccer game. So the combination of both can multiply the emotions. With emotions you can sometimes make very stupid decisions. Therefore, make sure that you always keep your cool.


After reading this article you have been able to form an idea of ​​how you have a better chance of winning nice amounts of money with soccer gambling. You now know how soccer betting works and what the numbers behind the results mean.

Thanks to the different soccer strategies that this article gave, you can draw up a nice plan. Include all the points you have learned about how to play the soccer.

Do you have any questions about how soccer betting works? We tried to answer the most critical issues for you below. If your question is still not answered, you can always contact us. We are happy to help everyone!

Is it legal to gamble on soccer in Canada?

Yes, provided you bet at one of our recommended and fully legal and regulated soccer betting sites in Canada. Simply make sure you are of legal betting age in your area.

What is the best way to place bets online on soccer?

Online soccer betting may be done in a variety of ways. Three-way moneyline odds are the most common approach for most bettors, but it all depends on your personal preference.

Where can I place an online soccer wager?

Soccer betting is available at almost every legal online, mobile, and brick-and-mortar sportsbook on the globe because of its huge popularity. Just make sure to check whether or not your platform of choice is allowed in you region.

In soccer, how do I wager on draws?

In soccer, the three-way moneyline odds, which give chances on the game ending in a draw, may be used to wager on draws. However, there are many other outcomes you can bet on besides the match ending in draw.

In Canada, how do I wager on soccer?

In areas where sports betting is allowed, you may bet on soccer through a variety of mobile, online, and physical sportsbooks. Because online betting regulations may differ in some regions, we always advise bettors to look up all the details to make sure they obtain all the necessary information.

What is the recommended amount for my bankroll?

Your bankroll may be any size; it’s all a question of personal preference. This might be $2,000 for some, or $50,000 for others. Whatever the situation may be, always gamble with money you can afford to lose. Take a break from betting if you manage to empty your bankroll, and only get back into it once you’ve restored it to a specific amount.