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The Stashbird team currently consists of two gaming enthusiasts who have been participating in the world for several years. Every day we are busy collecting the latest news, testing games or looking for the best online casino. The Stashbird site is updated almost daily.

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Our mission

We are striving to become one of the bigger comparators for the Canadian market in the foreseeable future. We want to achieve this by delivering high-quality content on our platform. We can also use your help to accomplish this. By leaving a review at a casino, you help other visitors in their search. In this way, we can help each other!

If you have a bad experience or a problem, you can always contact us by sending a mail to info@stashbird.com. Because of our many direct connections, we can often find a solution super fast and help our visitors.

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Author Todd Knowles
Todd Knowles

Founder & Casino Specialist at Stashbird.com

About the Author
As founder of Stashbird, you might have seen Todd’s name credited on my pages and articles. Todd, as many others in the industry, started out in 2001 as an avid player of online Blackjack and Poker, and managed to work his way up to a pretty high level. After almost 8 years of playing on and off, he was earning enough from playing in online Blackjack and Poker tournaments that he decided to quit his full time job at the time as a high school English teacher to focus entirely on his online Blackjack and Poker career.

Author Maxim Butusov
Maxim Butusov

Casino Specialist at Stashbird.com

About the Author
Maxim is the latest member of the team, and is focusing mainly on project management and writing the occasional article or informational page. His experience in the iGaming industry mainly comes from playing online Blackjack, which is how he first met Todd in 2018. The two kept running into each other in online Blackjack games which led them to keep in touch through online chat outside of their games as well.

Author Garry Martinez
Garry Martinez

Founder & Editor at Stashbird.com

About the Author
Garry has been active as a writer and editor in the online gambling industry for over 15 years. He started out studying Journalism and then went on to write for a local news website. After getting into some online casino games as a casual player, he moved on to writing for various online casino news and comparison websites while also learning more about graphic design. Garry met Todd Knowles in the beginning of 2019 through a mutual friend, and quickly became close friends through their shared interests.

Author Mary Ferreira
Mary Ferreira

Editor at Stashbird.com

About the Author
Mary followed a similar career path as Garry, but was always very passionate about knowing as much as possible about iGaming software providers, casino games and the many tips and strategies players can apply. She graduated in Online Marketing but switched to writing as it spoke to her more personally.