Best Casino Bonuses in Canada 2022

Every time you come across a website advert, the red ink that stands out is their promotional offer. Well, that’s because, on a fair weighing scale, all gambling operators are the same. It’s the casino bonus that set them apart. So these promotions are an essential part for the online gambling platforms.

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What are bonuses?

Even in the brick and mortar set of gambling, promotions were the trendsetters. The operators periodically treated their players to online slots, room and meal comps, progressive jackpots, plus other plethora forms of promos and gifts.

This trend continues, only that the contests in online gambling platforms occur purely online, and you stand to win real cash prizes with today’s promotions. These promos have gotten just better, with the VIP and loyalty programs giving players a feeling of honour and appreciation. The progressive jackpots also continue to make instant millionaires through single spins as is often evident today.

In simple terms, a promotion is any tip a gambling platform offers you to encourage you to play on their site or appreciate your commitment to them.

Why do gaming operators offer bonuses and promotions?

Well, no gambling platform specifies why they offer bonuses and advantages to their customers. But from the experts’ view, some or all of these reasons play a role.

  1. To attract new players
  2. To fight competition
  3. To inspire more play
  4. To reward loyal players

Why do players need the bonuses?

It’s not easy to pass through the best casino bonus Canada offers if you don’t understand why you need to claim them. So we will give you a few reasons why you’ll need to reconsider before ignoring.

  1. To offset losses
  2. To play longer
  3. To test a platform and new games
  4. To boost your bankroll
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Types of casino bonuses

Casino bonuses come in different shapes and forms depending on the gambling platform you’re using. The rewards will also depend on how long you’ve played at the gambling provider, whether you’re a high or low roller, and how frequently you use credits at the platform. Reload bonuses, deposit bonuses, free spins, and match bonuses are some terms that are common with players. The VIP and loyalty programs will also depend on your casino. Here are a few types that cut across.

Free spins

These types of bonuses often come as a standalone or as a part of another bonus bundle. Like most welcome bonuses in most cases, they come packed with bonus cash and free spins. They allow you to spin the reels of a specific slot(s) without having to make a real-money bet.

Facts about free spins on slots

Several issues require attention when it comes to free spins promotions. On this page, we have done our best to explain different free spins variants and their benefits. You can usually make free spins on one or two slot machines. These are often new slot machines with attractive, advanced software.

When you play a free spin on a slot machine, the lowest bet is sometimes used, even with smaller pay lines. This means that you have less chance of winning than with more significant deposits / multiple pay lines.

Here, however, you still have a real chance of winning. Bonus games on slot machines can be completely “unlocked”. Many players think that if they do not make a deposit, then they can not play bonus games either, which is not true.

You can keep the winnings from free spins, but the winnings cannot be paid out immediately. Here it is required that you make a turnover of your profit. These are some of the T&C that can be read on the casino’s website.

The benefits of a free spins bonus

There are several different reasons why you should always use a free spin bonus. First of all, it is a free spin, as the name suggests, completely free and without obligation! You do not deposit your own money and therefore play without risk, but you will still have a chance to win money!

Here you have a chance to feel how exciting it can be to play online. However, indeed, the excitement of playing with real money and the feeling of winning and losing is an entirely different feeling. With free spins, you can test your knowledge and skills on slot machines.

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Welcome bonuses

This is the focal point of many casinos, as they try to give the best welcome bonus to appeal to new players. The package is specifically reserved for new players and may come with a percentage match on the first deposits or at no deposit requirement. In most cases, the best casino bonus in Canada may include free spins, cash bonuses, drawings, etc.

Cashback bonus

Casinos offer cashback bonus in two significant ways. In one instance (mostly applying to poker and sportsbooks), the casino awards you points for every dollar you wager. Once you reach a set maximum, you can exchange your points for a cashback. Similarly, some casinos award a certain percentage on every dollar you use on specific games weekly.

In another case, the house may decide to give you a percentage cashback on all losses after a specific period. For instance, the operator may reward you 20% of your weekly losses every Monday.

Deposit bonus

Deposit bonuses are casino bonuses where you get a percentage of your deposit in bonus money from the casino. With 50% to 250 euros in bonus, you deposit, e.g., 500 euros and then get 250 euros extra in bonus. You then start with 750 euros in play money. Deposit bonuses are meant to make it more attractive to deposit money. If you play in casinos, you can easily find the best bonuses.

A casino deposit gift is a bonus that you, as a player, deposit money and get a present from the casino. Some casinos distribute this present directly to their customers: the gift is then distributed directly to your gaming account so you can start playing. At other casinos, the deposit bonus is distributed in ‘increments’ while you play. Many casinos keep the bonus in your gaming account if you have played enough (and if the best online casino bonus Canada conditions are met).

No Deposit Bonus

As the name suggests, this is the bonus a casino gives you without requiring you to make a deposit. It could be a welcome package or a loyalty package to keep you at the casino. In most cases, it totals to small amounts like $25 or less, but some casinos can also go beyond that.

Then you can deposit your gift on various casino games. For example. Blackjack or on a slot machine. It is not possible to make a payout of the bonus immediately. There is a ‘minimal playthrough requirement’ that you, as a customer, must follow. This means that the present you received needs to be wagered a certain number of times.

At most internet casinos, it is required that you make a turnover 15, 20, or 30 times depending on the casino where you play. A no deposit bonus is often small: 10 or 20 euros is the rule, 50 or 100 euros is an exception. However, it remains a free bonus where you do not have to make your own deposit. Therefore, it is perfect if you do not want to make a large deposit of your own money and get acquainted with the casino before you become a member.

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The benefits of a no deposit casino bonus Canada

No deposit casino bonuses have some great benefits for players like you. Here we list the main benefits of a bonus no deposit:

  • A no-deposit bonus is always free, i.e., no hooks, and you do not have to deposit to be able to withdraw the money. If this were the case, it would instead be a deposit bonus, but this is not the case with a no deposit bonus.
  • A small deposit is enough in casinos so that you can eventually withdraw money: even after you have received a bonus no deposit and when you have played at the casino, you do not have to worry that you will have to make a large deposit to be able to make a payment finally.
  • These bonuses give you a perfect, free look inside the casino world. Also, you have the opportunity to feel the excitement of playing with real money. You can, without risk, explore the idea and the feeling itself.

Waiting time before you can claim your no-deposit bonus

A good no-deposit casino offer is transferred directly to the player’s account. This also applies to no deposit poker bonuses or other no deposit bonuses: the player does not have to wait in principle but can immediately start using the play money. At good casinos, you get the gift directly into your account. At less good casinos, you sometimes have to wait longer.

Why is it then that you get the bonus at several casinos immediately, while other casinos require you to wait 24 hours. This often has to do with how flexible the software is and how strict the operator is. Some casinos first want to check if you have a valid account. This, of course, gives them more time to do a survey. If you still have not received your bonus after 24 hours, please contact support or live chat.

Scratchcard bonus

A no deposit bonus also applies to online scratch cards. Scratch cards are a special form of a gift. Everyone knows the physical cards with which you scratch open the boxes with a coin. If there are a number of the same icons behind the boxes, that can mean that you have a prize. This is also how it works with online scratch cards, only you scratch the boxes open with your computer mouse. The outcome of the scratched open squares determines the amount of your bonus.

Free cash bonuses

By free cash bonuses, we mean a bonus that you can play for an hour with and then keep the winnings. The moment you have registered at an casino and opened the software when you log in for the first time, and you see an amount in your account: depending on the casino, this can be 500, 1000, or sometimes even 1500 euros.

The screen also displays a clock that indicates an hour. When this clock starts ticking, it is up to you to win as much profit as possible with the free cash bonuses. When the hour is over, of course, you take the winnings with you to the casino, and you can often keep, for example, 100 or 200 euros. This is a perfect way to play without risk in internet casinos.

Some cash bonuses give you more chances!

Some casinos make it very easy for you to start your casino ‘career’ with a win. If you have played within an hour and lost your bonus amount, you can restart the clock, and the original bonus amount will reappear in your account: you can repeat this as many times as you like until you are happy with the win. A great luxury!

What to consider before claiming the best casino bonus online

Every bonus offer has a fine-print that is so crucial for you as a player. Before you press the “accept” button, read and understand the terms and conditions because casinos don’t give them out for free. All the points in the section are essential, and you must agree with each first. However, these two hold much water when it comes to enjoying best casino bonus benefits:

Wagering requirements

Also known as the rollover or playthrough, wagering requirements are the counts the provider demands you to wager an online casino bonus Canada, deposit, or the best casino bonus online and deposit before you can withdraw your winnings. The conditions differ from one gambling platform to the other, ranging from 40 times to 70 times or more. Why is it important?

Let’s take, for instance, a gambling provider requiring 40 times wagering on the best casino online. If the prize is $500, you will need to wager $20 000 (40×500). If the requirement is 40 times the casino bonus online and deposit, you’ll need to wager $40 000 to make a withdrawal. Imagine when the condition is 80 or 100 times; how much will you have to use to withdraw your wins?

Withdrawal conditions

What happens if you attempt withdrawal before meeting the conditions? The consequences depend on your casino. Some casinos will decline your withdrawal attempt, while others will declare your winnings (including the amounts before casino bonus online) void. Do you see why this part is necessary?

Where to find and claim bonuses and promotions?

Most bonuses, especially the welcome package, automatically apply to your account once you meet the claiming conditions. VIP and cashback incentives may also apply automatically. Once you make a deposit, the system automatically awards you points and exchange them for cashback once they reach the required amount. However, some operators need you to make the exchange requests, so it’s up to you to read and understand how the bonus works.

Offers like re-deposit bonuses may require you to request upon making a deposit. You can send the request by entering the best online casino bonus code on the casino’s promos page or from the email you received containing all best casino bonus Canada information.

All the information on the latest bonus offer is available on your casino’s homepage or dedicated promotions page. Most casinos also send out their offers to their email subscribers. It’s therefore essential to subscribe to their newsletter, so you don’t miss exclusive offers.

Similarly, some casinos may reach out to their players through private messaging, player account, or personal emails. However, that mostly occurs with high rollers and frequent players.


On a calling note, gambling bonuses are not too bitter or too sugary. The deal is to read and understand the T&C pages and ensure that you are comfortable with the requirements before you claim the offer.

Some players may tend to complain about how a casino is a scam, or else, confiscates winnings. But the truth is, they barely read the demands and, therefore, may unknowingly go against the rules or just never meet the needs. If you are looking for the best bonuses, it is also possible to install some apps.

Casino Bonus Apps

You can also install some apps where you can figure out the best bonuses in some casinos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you going to game online and do you want to use a bonus, but are you curious about how that works? We tried to answer the most critical issues for you below. If your question is still not answered, you can always contact us. We are happy to help everyone!

What is a casino bonus?

A online casino bonus Canada is something extra that casinos give to its players. Online casinos usually give out bonuses in the form of cash, free spins or a mixture of the two. Always remember to read the terms and conditions attached before accepting a casino gift.

How to get it?

You can search through the offers from thousands of online casinos. Alternatively, take the easy route and check out our list of recommended casinos and their bonus offers here.

How to use a casino bonus online?

Free spins casino bonuses can usually only be played on a specific game or games. Use this form to try out the gameplay and learn about the bonus features of the slot. Cash bonuses can be used to try out a variety of games on the site but be sure to read the wagering requirements.

How to withdraw?

Most casino bonuses come with various terms and conditions attached. These include wagering requirements, game restrictions and time limits. In order to withdraw your present, you need to make sure that you have fulfilled all the specified conditions. Then it’s just a case of heading to the cashier tab, selecting your payment method and the amount to withdraw.

How to wager a casino bonus?

In the terms and conditions, you will find information about the maximum amount you can wager on each spin or turn of a card. Simply choose an eligible game and place your wager, making sure you don’t exceed the maximum allowed bet amount.

What kind of bonuses are there?

The most common and best casino bonus Canada is the welcome gift. This is offered to new players signing up to a casino. It usually consists of a percentage match deposit bonus and some free spins. Other types of bonuses include the reload-, cashback- and no deposit bonus.

Which is the best?

The best present is a no deposit bonus. This will either give you some free spins or some free cash. Either way, use the bonus to try out a game and get a feel for the casino.