Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a Microgaming online slot with a 5-reel, 3-row layout. The RTP of the game changes depending on your wager.

About Mega Moolah

A classic slot game brings fun and earnings, but only Mega Moolah can instantly make you a millionaire. Since developer Microgaming created the dominant slot in 2006, it has continually attracted millions of players worldwide who compete aggressively every day for a chance to land the four mega jackpots offered by the game.

Mega Moolah at a Glance

Like many other slot games, this particular slot has nothing unique when talking about features. The only extraordinary characteristic you can expect is its ability to turn you into a millionaire overnight. Many players have reaped big from the play, and in 2020 alone, it has paid over $70 million to a total of eight players.


Playing Mega Moolah is simple, and like many other slot games, you only need to place a bet and spin. The first step is to register an account with your favorite casino online, place your desired bet amount, choose the number of paylines and coin value then hit spin. After that, cross your hands for a big win because you never know which side your luck will take you.

The game was initially not playable on smartphones, but with HTML 5 technology’s help, Microgaming optimized it to play on all HTML 5 enabled browsers. That makes it playable on all Android and iOS devices since almost all of them work fittingly with HTML 5 technology. However, it has no dedicated app but plays perfectly well on the phone’s screen.

To play on the phone:

  • Go to website and tap the “play now” button at the top of your screen.
  • It will lead you to sign with a casino that offers Mega Moolah.
  • Depending on the online casino website and your location, you may receive signup offers, bonuses and additional chances to win the Mega Moolah Jackpots on your first initial deposits.
  • Make a deposit, select your paylines, coin value and the number of coins you want to use.
  • Hit the spin button and keep watch. Look out for the Monkey Scatters, of which three of them will give you 15 free spins, and the two times multiplier Lion.

Symbols in Mega Moolah

When loading, the screen greets you with a set of reels fixed against the African savannah’s scenic—packed with different animals native to the savannah ecosystem. The animals like buffalo, ibex, zebra, and giraffe fill the reels and sometimes line up to form your winning combinations. The game also has the regular symbols of a Jack, Queen, Ace, King, and a 10.

Lion acts as the wilds in this game while the Monkey represents the scatters. They, too, pop up once in a while to bring you bonuses and free spins.

How to win?

After every spin, you should watch out if you have any matching symbols. The rule of thumb in determining your winnings is checking the animal that forms the victorious line. All the animals rank with toughness and size. The bigger and tougher the animal is, the higher the value of its coins.

Also, check for the Lion since it symbolizes wilds. If it appears, it can substitute for any symbol except the Monkey scatters’ and help you form a winning combination or add up to a possible winning line. Furthermore, the Lion brings about the two times multiplier, which applies to all winnings that it helps you form.

Another symbol to look out for is the Monkey scatters. Every time you receive a combination of three or more scatters across the five reels; you get 15 free spins, plus a three times multiplier on all winnings during the free spins. The Lion is the highest paying and also acts as the wilds in the game.


Mega Moolah screenshot 1
Mega Moolah screenshot 2
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Mega Moolah Bonus

Mega Moolah is very popular due to its unique and highly rewarding progressive jackpots. After its inception in 2006, the game paid out the biggest amount to date in 2019, where a player won $20 059,287.27. Similarly, Jonathan Heywood’s $ 13.2 million earns from 2015 got recognition in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s biggest Jackpot ever won from an online slot game.

Similarly, the game offers up to 15 free spins every time you land the scatters and a great multiplier on winnings from wilds and free spins. All these are a cool way to boost your bankroll, increase your winning chances, and stay in this fun game.

Another big thing comes from the online casinos you register with. The casino bonus ranges and goodies may differ with the online casino you’re registered with and your location, but whichever way, you stand a stab at additional bonuses. Most casinos offer free spins and first deposit bonuses for first-time subscribers, as well as frequent promos and ways to boost winning chances for both loyal customers and newcomers.

Progressive Jackpots

Mega Moolah is very famous and dominant among online casino fans due to its massive jackpots. We know you would like to know how it all goes and how to win a Jackpot because, seriously, who doesn’t want to pocket the huge sums?

The progressive jackpots are randomly triggered bonus features responsible for making you the next millionaire in town.

It features a four-tiered progressive jackpot feature with different values. The lowest value, the mini progressive Jackpot, starts at $10. The next value, the minor progressive Jackpot, starts at $ 100, the third level, the major progressive Jackpot, starts at $1000, while the highest value, also known as the mega progressive Jackpot, starts at $ 1million.

Its name, progressive jackpots, comes as a complement of the features since the figures keep expanding if no player wins the Jackpot. That explains why the Mega Jackpot gets up to $20 million with time.

How to win a Mega Jackpot

The bonus feature triggers randomly, so there’s no rule on how to cause it to happen. However, some speculations claim that staking high amounts on each spin can sway the odds and increase the chances of triggering the Mega jackpot feature.

If you’re lucky and it triggers during your spinning session, you will be taken to the Mega Jackpot Wheel. The wheel is split into sections, with each section linking to one of the four progressive jackpots. The current value of prizes on each progressive jackpot displays above the reels when playing, so you know the amount you’re staring at.

All you have to do is spin the wheel, and the pointer rotates. Cross your fingers and heart, so it falls on the highest value. But don’t sweat over it since even if it doesn’t, you’ll still win, as the pointer will probably land on one of the four sections, and that’s what you take home.


Mega Moolah is one of the best paying slots and games in the casinos. The Jackpot is just one of the bonus features, but you still stand high chances of winning the normal way with the right paying lines. Similarly, it’s a game from the best industry experts, so you’re sure to get expert experience and feel, plus all your favourite features while playing. Try it out today and stand a chance of becoming a millionaire.