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Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations bringing online gambling to Saskatchewan

Thanks to a new agreement struck by the province and the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN), visitors and residents of Saskatchewan will soon have access to a new online gambling site. An amendment was reached that modifies the federation’s Gaming Framework Agreement to allow for the creation of such a site.


Launch in 2022

Both sports betting and gambling games will be available on the new online casino. By the end of next year, the federation hopes to have the site up and running. On Thursday, an extension to the agreement was signed. The Saskatchewan Indian Gambling Authority operates the federation’s gambling platforms, and the non-profit will also manage the new internet gaming site, according to the original deal.

The gaming commission is now in charge of seven gambling providers in Saskatchewan. The Dakota Dunes Resort, Northern Lights, and Gold Eagle are among them. The federation and the province will share the online gambling income profits 50/50 now that the legislation is in effect.

Federation Chief Bobby Cameron said at a news conference: “the new pact is the first of its type in the province and in Canada”. Cameron said that the deal was the result of a lot of effort. He also said that the property would benefit the 74 First Nations communities.

Initial Letter of Intent

A letter of intent was also signed with the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation during the amendment modification. The gambling provider in Moose Jaw and Regina are both owned by the same company. The agreement includes a set of basic conditions that concentrate on how the authority will manage the online gaming site. It also goes through how SaskGaming will run the site.

The letter of intent lays out the actions that must be completed in order for the project to be started. The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations’ existing land-based choices will be supplemented by the platform. The gambling site will cater to the province’s market and will help to support the local economy by generating employment. Digital and tech-related positions will be filled by new hires.

Half of the earnings will be utilized by the province to help with health and infrastructure issues, as the income will be shared 50/50. The remaining 50% will be distributed to First Nation communities. Health initiatives, social development, economic growth, recreation, and justice will all benefit from the funds.

Don Morgan, the Minister of the Saskatchewan Gambling Corporation, said that the new location would provide safe and controlled gaming. It will offer a source of entertainment, as well as player assistance and privacy protection.

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