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How do software providers partner with online casinos?

Gambling’s inception dates back to the Paleolithic period (way before written history began), in fields, at the back of smoky clubs, and then in land-based casinos. Today, the online platform has snowballed, with online casinos providing your favorite slot games for play at your comfort and convenience. The question is, how do they do it? Read on to find out.

Where did it all begin?

Gambling in its purest form began several centuries ago and has evolved alongside the development of the human race. Traditionally, most of these activities were mostly carried out on the shores, in the fields, behind some smoky clubs, or anywhere else the players found fit. These activities then increased with the introduction of land-based gambling clubs (casinos), where interested players would visit to enjoy their favorite games for money.

Alongside the evolution of humankind, gambling activities also developed into now more convenient and exciting clubs, which you can access at the comfort of your couch (the online casinos). Over time gambling software has risen to become the power wheel behind the exciting slots and thrilling table experiences.

In 1994, individuals came together and started strategizing to bring the real casino into a more portable and convenient form. This was a time when the internet was rapidly taking off commercially, and most business operations were rapidly renting the online space. Gambling was among the first beneficiaries, and the casino big-names like International Games Technology PLC (IGT) became among the first games providers. They were just among the pacesetters and grew more prominent with time. Since then, more newcomers, like Yggdrasil and Amaya, also boarded the big train. The gambling industry has also welcomed some giant developers like NYX, Big Time Gaming, among many others.

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How does gambling software work?

Gambling software uses realistic sounds, animations, and graphics to bring the real-life casino experience right into your home or office. The technology also gives you the convenience of playing on the go using your mobile phone. All the casinos’ available online function lease the software from the developers’ virtual versions of the classic casino games.

The online gambling software developers rent their platforms out to willing investors in a similar McDonalds franchise model. In this business model, a partnership, company, or individual investor makes an application to operate the franchise.

The only difference with the McDonalds franchise is that there’s no set brand form to follow. Every casino operator (investor) has the authority to own the platform and brand itself as they feel right. The operators provide their own bonus and promotion offers, brand name, and a slogan to the casino. Similarly, website layout and loyalty program advertising are all subject to the casino operator. The software developer only accrues revenue as payments from the operator.

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What does the future hold for gambling software providers?

Going by the ever-increasing online gambling markets and the all-time increase in the number of software providers, we can confidently say that the future is bright. Software developers, like Bally, one of the most experienced casino operators, keep setting the pace with new games and themes. The competition is stiff and fair, and the likes of developer Aristocrat and Amaya are also not ready to trail behind. They, too, keep growing bigger with every passing day, and every other developer has their eyes fixed on the market’s top position.

The future is very bright, with larger developers like Microgaming and NetEnt seamlessly sharing games on each other’s platforms. This move has triggered competition even among the software-driven pure gaming developers like Tain and Rival Gaming, who also want to take the business to newer heights.

The youngest online casino gaming developers are also not making the grounds easier for the veterans. They’ve come with new initiatives, a mix of traditional and modern gaming fantasies, and graphics to draw players of all ages and races to their versions of the games. With a focus on the contemporary world, unstoppable powerhouses like Red Tiger Gaming are continually introducing new games and pushing the impossible boundaries with better versions of your standard casino plays.

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