Loto-Quebec calls on government help to fight illegal operators

The Canadian Crown Corporation claims that it is currently unable to compete with the many illegal gambling sites offered on the Internet. Because they say they do not have the right tools, they enlist the help of the police and government to prevent illegal services from being offered.

illegal gambling

A recent talk by the current CEO of Loto-Quebec, Jean Francois Bergeron, focused on the challenges the lottery is facing due to illegal offerings. Despite its best efforts, the Loto must still rely on the government to address this issue because it involves formal criminal violations.

As we have already explained in a previous blog, it is currently allowed to advertise for “free games”. While technically an online casino itself has a profit motive. This advertisement for free games now acts as a way to guide players to the real gambling site where you have to pay to play.

This remarkable construction is actually half legal, the free games are allowed but of course, it is clear that the aim is to redirect players to the pay-to-play site where they have to play with money, and this is not allowed.

Actually, it is very simple to know what is legal and what is not, at the moment only Lotto, Horse racing and Bingo are completely legal, everything else is not allowed at this time.

Registration could be better

Additionally, the head of Loto Quebec wants to see an improvement in the registration procedure. The Loto believes that the registration method is one of the most important discussions they are currently dealing with.

This step in the process is far too complicated and should be made easier for players. Of course fully in line with all compliance rules that go with it.

This is one of the biggest differences with the “illegal casinos”. At these offshore operators, the registration process is much easier. Often only a credit card number is necessary, where the Loto, for example, has to deal with many types of checks.

When it would come to land-based operators, the doors would have been closed by the government for a long time already, but online this is a lot more difficult to tackle while following gambling laws.

In order to keep it equal and fair for the legal providers, a number of things have to be adjusted so that they can at least compete with illegal providers. Regardless of the outcome of Mr Bergeron’s argument, Loto-Quebec will continue to do its utmost to compete.