NBA Serving Offshore Sportsbook Ads To Canadians

Thousands of people visit the Canadian NBA website every day. A large number of visitors come to this site for basketball stats, game schedules and analysis. This official NBA site’s visitors were a little taken surprised when they saw the variety of ads that were being displayed.

nba ads

Ads from, for example, Sports Interaction Bookmaker & Casino are displayed on the domain Now SI is a different story since they have a license through the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which means that in principle they operate illegally in Canada. But over the years, there has never been a case where the government has challenged this.

However, the fact that an official sports organization is advertising this product is at least remarkable. In addition, visitors saw adverts for the 888 Casino, which is less complicated from a legal standpoint and is in principle merely an illegal activity..

The fact that these advertisements are displayed in an area of the website aimed specifically for children upsets many website visitors. Of course, these kinds of advertisements should not be shown to children, and the company in charge should take steps to prevent this from happening again.

It’s important to point out that the NBA site isn’t in complete control. AdChoices, a third-party company, provides the ads.

nba illegal ad

What, exactly, is the situation regarding advertising?

As far as we know, private online casinos are not authorized to advertise in Canada. As the CEO of Loto Quebec points out, there isn’t much clarity in the guidelines. According to him, if it is advertised as a way to play free games, it is legal. As soon as you realize that all of these parties are operating under a “pay-to-play” business model, it becomes weird.

Ontario paving the way

The most populous province in Canada has recently taken moves to broaden the gambling business. Since the first quarter of this year, private operators can apply for a license. International bookies and internet casinos have been lining up to apply for licenses in Ontario for some time now. Until then, however, it will remain illegal for these parties.